Global MBA Program by EIUBS

Europe Innovation Business School is internationally affiliated to Educatis Education Society, Switzerland. The Educatis University is an institution of the Educatis foundation, a Swiss not-for-profit organization.

Dr Konstantin Thiele who is also the founding president of Swatch is the founder and President of the Educatis University.

The school is positioned at the top end of the second tier B-Schools. It has partnered with Educatis Global University, Switzerland and Harvard Business Publishing. It has developed State-of-the-art technology for high standard of academic excellence.

Eligibility would be based on CAT/ GMAT scores which should be above 70 percentile with plus two years of work experience in any field and atleast one year of experience in a management role.  Applicants who do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria will be asked to go through secondary evaluation.

Program Background
The one year MBA program offers specialization in family managed business, finance,marketing and information technology.

The course aims at developing critical analytical thinking and evolve better managerial skills . It provides high standards of experiential learning through extensive work in business environment and networking with business community.

Complimentary apple i pad2 will be given to students for efficient progress.

This program is uniquely designed to provide global exposure. The classes will be held in Brussels (Belgium) for 12 months.

International exposure is incorporated so to ensure thorough analysis of global business environment and an eight weeks internship in both Belgium and India is made mandatory to keep up with the practical influence in the program.

The program would prepare students to use state of art tools for managerial activities like new software and analytical systems which would give them an expert edge.

Target segment
Professionals aiming for management positions in Financial Firms, Banking, Sales, Analytics, Retail, IT Project Management Corporate , Investment Banking etc. Also this course would be highly beneficial for young entrepreneurs.

Program Dean – Prof. Mayank Shah
Prof. Shah is one of the most recognised professionals in the area and has immense expertise in managing such programs. His experience includes:
Management consulting (1976 – 1978)
Worked with A. F. Ferguson & co., India, management consulting firm as consultant engaged in projects involving development of management information systems.

Corporate executive (1978 – 1983)
Worked with good lass Nerolac paints ltd. India, heading corporate planning , was responsible for designing and implementing planning.

In-house consultant (1983 – 1987)
In-house consultant to associated Capsules Group, India, providing advise on introduction of computerized systems, planning and performance management systems.

Founded information technology company (1987 – 1997)
Providing information technology solutions to Indian manufacturing and trading companies.

Academic (1997- 2004)
Professor and Chairman, Center for Information Technology at S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai, India. Teaching at MBA program. Responsible for starting post graduate program in Information Technology.

Chartered accountant (1976)
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India – Fellow member
Cost and works accountant (1978)
Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India – Associate member
Management accountant (1986 – 1987)
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Schedule and duration
The Classes will be held in Brussels (Belgium) for 12 months.
The classes would be scheduled 5 days a week and 90% attendance is mandatory
This would be succeeded by internships for 8 weeks.

Course content
Individual grooming for personality transformation, communication, professional behavior, ethics, etiquette and networking would be bestowed by our learned and highly experienced faculty. Experiential Learning through work in business environment and networking with business community.

Development of managerial skills – use of structured methods, best practices, tools and technology

Personal transformation to acquire a professional manager personality.

The course includes 24 courses; each course, learning time 3 weeks / 100 hrs

Complimentary Apple i pad2 will be given to students for efficient progress.

Term 1: foundation ( 11 weeks)
1. Fundamentals of business management
2. Data analysis and decisions
3. Critical analytical thinking
4. Professional communication and behavior
5. Financial accounting and analysis
6. Managerial economics

Workshops / activities
1. Case analysis and discussion
2. Technology for communication
3. Spreadsheet modeling
4. Internet smart search
5. Communication, professional behavior, ethics, etiquette and networking

Term 2: functional (11 weeks)
1. Organizational behavior
2. Fundamentals of marketing
3. Operations management
4. Human resource management
5. Information technology in business
6. Cost and management accounting

Workshops / activities
1. Team work
2. Team leadership
3. Personal growth
4. Trading on the internet
5. Negotiation skills

Internship (8 weeks)
Participants will work in selected business organizations and work on well defined projects. They will summarize
Their work and the learning experience in a brief report.

Term 3: strategy / advanced (11 weeks)
1. Strategic business management
2. Marketing decisions
3. Corporate financial management
4. Investment management
5. Legal environment of business
6. Strategic supply chain management

Workshops / activities
1. Project management
2. Innovation management
3. Business strategy simulation game
4. Competitive analysis in an industrial sector

Term 4: specialization (11 weeks)
Family managed business
Information technology


Conduct of classes
1. Learning resources
Harvard business cases and business simulations
Managerial decision tools
Statistical analysis
Access to International / Indian public databases – economy, industry, firms, articles, white papers, etc.
Learning Management System (LMS) for academic work and collaboration
Course contents
Quizzes / examinations
Student profiles
Discussion forums
Tutoring service
Library – books, journals, multimedia

2. Learning Tools
Self study
Knowledge search
Class discussions and group work for collaborative learning
Tutorial exercises to develop ‘doing’ ability using state-of-the-art tools
Business cases for complex business problem awareness and solving ability
Understanding of problem from narratives
Identification of decision required to be made
Identification of parameters affecting the decision
Identification of alternative decisions (thinking out of box)
Collection of facts (business research)
Analysis of facts (business analytics)
Forming decision (participation in constructive discussion)
Presenting decisions in persuasive way (writing and presentation skill)
Simulation games
Applying knowledge to achieve stated goals
Uncertain and volatile business environment
Quick thinking to address rapidly evolving situations
Carefully selected business cases from different industry verticals to provide exposure to how businesses function

The total fees for the program is EUR 15,000
Deserving candidates, based on merit and financial situation, are entitled to scholarship up to 40% of the fee.

Payment Options
One time payment of the entire fees.
In rare cases installment payment option might be given considering the students credibility.
Loan assistance would be provided by EIUBS from various banks.


100% placement assistance would be given by EIUBS

Shared accommodation (individual rooms)


Visa assistance would be provided by EIUBS